These days his mail box reads Jerry James, but growing up in NYC he earned the nickname 'Dog Boy.' People noticed a kid in their neighborhood with dogs tied to his belt loops, and his ability to train them.

As a kid James would roam the streets of New York with a rope and treats in search of stray dogs. Jerry would lead the dogs he found to abandoned buildings and tie them up until he got out of school. After school he would return with more food to use to help train the dogs.

From there Jerry has spent years of expanding his own skill set by learning from other trainers, seminars, and personal experience turning James into a true dog training expert.

Jerry is a dog's best friend, with his ability bridge the gap between what is really going on between a pet and their owner.

Over the years James address has changed, but not his passion for training he has an incredible obstacle course he built for training.

I first saw the newly finished course a couple weeks ago while picking up my dog after boarding him at Jerry's kennel.

The goal of this course is to put good mental and physical stress on the dog, and handler as they conquer the course together, building a dog's confidence, and strengthening the trust between owner and pet.

Jerry James
Photo By TJ

From poodles to pit bulls, shepherds to mastiffs, and any other breed you could imagine, Jerry has trained them all.

The park he built is designed to be a bonding and confidence building experience for the dog. Your dog will learn to trust you, and it will help to make your dog more environmentally sound.

There are multiple sport obstacles including ladder and tree house, an area for puppies and smaller dogs. From household dogs to law enforcement canines this XFit Park for dogs has something beneficial for every breed.

Some of the obstacles can be moved around in different formations, other obstacles are designed to be unstable. Other challenges for your four-legged friends are walk on, climb over, crawl through, crawl under, and jump over areas to try and maneuver.

If your looking to purchase a puppy, basic obedience for your dog, or something more advanced like protection training Jerry James has the experience, and the obstacle course to make it happen.

Jerry can be reached at (605) 359-9407.

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