Sioux Falls Police were called to defuse a dangerous situation of a man threatening customers of a gas station and casino with a machete.

Dakota News Now reports that police arrested 45-year-old Lashawn King Ownes of Sioux Falls on Monday afternoon.

Police say that Owens was bothering people outside of the Food-N-Fuel gas station on West Russel Street and Kiwanis Avenue. Owens then went inside the store and entered the casino area. That's when employees asked Owens to leave the store, but he refused.

According to police, Owens then pulled up his shirt and produced a machete. He used the weapon to threaten people in the business before leaving the area. Police later found Owens with the machete still in his possession.

Owens is charged with aggravated assault, failure to vacate, and carrying a concealed weapon

No one was injured during the incident.

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