You know you've had a rough night when you have a bunch of people over to your house, and then the next morning, you don't remember how you were stabbed.

That's exactly what one Sioux Falls man is struggling with right now.

Dakota News Now is reporting that authorities were called to the home of a 23-year old stabbing victim living inside a residence at North Dogwood Place near Valley View Road on Tuesday morning (September 1) around 10:30.

Upon arriving, the male victim was unable to provide the police with any of the details that led up to his injury.

Sioux Falls Public Information Officer Sam Clemens told Dakota News Now, when police arrived on the scene they found a man inside the house that had received a stabbing wound to his abdomen.

Officers questioned the victim about the incident, but he was not able to recall any of the specifics that led up to the stabbing.

According to Dakota News Now, the only detail the victim was able to remember was there were several people at the house the night before, and that he had gotten into a fight with one of the guests.

He was unable to tell police how he ended up getting injured.

The injuries the victim sustained during the incident are not life-threatening.

Source: Dakota News Now

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