My grandmother used to say that if someone is out after midnight, then they are probably up to no good. That's a huge generalization, of course, but in some cases especially when alcohol and weapons are involved, she might have been on to something.

Sioux Falls Police arrested a man after they say he stabbed two people during a fight outside a bar, as reported by our media partner Dakota News Now.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens says the suspect, 25-year-old Nicholas Tolk, is being charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

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According to Clemens, the stabbing happened early Sunday morning outside of Tommy Jack's Pub in downtown Sioux Falls. Police were told that Tolk was causing problems inside the bar and after the bar closed, a fight involving Tolk and two other people took place outside.

As the fight intensified, Clemens said Tolk whipped out a pocketknife. Tolk began waving the knife around and ended up stabbing two men. Tolk then fled the scene but police were able to quickly find him nearby.

According to Clemens, a 39-year-old Sioux Falls man suffered life-threatening injuries while another 31-year-old man from Brandon received lesser injuries.

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