Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says a Sioux Falls man was arrested on Tuesday after threatening two girls and then pointed a gun at the father of one of them.

"We had a couple of 10-year-old girls who went to a home to see if their friend was over there. After they knocked on the door, the man that lived there opened the door and threatened to get a gun. The girls left. They were concerned about this and told one of their fathers'. That dad went over to the house to find out what was going on. When he opened the door, the suspect pointed a 22 caliber rifle at the dad. Dad went home and called police. Once the officers sorted everything out the man was arrested for aggravated assault charges."

Clemens says this type of crime doesn't happen very often.

"A crime like this where a guy is threatening young children is really unusual. We have seen instances before but something this extreme is pretty rare."

Clemens identified the man as 70-year-old Terry Lee Comp.

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