Question for ya, did you utilize the services of Lyft here in Sioux Falls in early August? If so, are you missing a coin with a United States Marine Corps insignia on it?

If your answer is yes, yet again, the driver of that Lyft vehicle is trying to find you.

Dakota News Now is reporting the story of a Sioux Falls Lyft driver that is attempting to find the owner of a coin that was left in his car sometime between 10 PM and midnight on Friday (August 7).

Jason Mitchell, the Lyft driver, he recently posted something on social media about finding a missing coin, but so far, the owner of the coin has not come forward.

Mitchell told Dakota News Now, “Of course I had never seen it before. But then I looked it over here and saw that it was a coin for the United States Marine Corps and I’m really really hoping that this will work and that we can find the owner of this coin because I’m sure that this is quite a sentimental coin for whoever it belongs to.”

We really want to help find the owner of this coin. If the missing coin sounds like it could be yours, or perhaps you might know the rightful owner of the coin, please leave a comment on our station Facebook page, and we will work with our friends at Dakota News Now to connect you with Jason Mitchell the Sioux Falls Lyft driver.

Source: Dakota News Now

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