Have you ever left anything behind in a rideshare vehicle? It's a pain to get it back. Uber released a report of the oddest items left behind in one of their fleet vehicles. The most common item left behind are phones. No surprise there. But it's hard to fathom these strange but true items forgotten in an Uber:

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1. A cooler full of fish
2. False teethe and dentures. I like the feeling of wind through my gums, too.
3. A sushi platter
4. 22 bundt cakes and a pan of homemade macaroni and cheese
5. An ankle monitor (It just fell off, officer!)
6. A tooth (What the heck happened in that ride?)
7. FBI bulletproof vest (Someone is going to want that back)
8. A green dinosaur Halloween costume and a knife (I'm guessing it wasn't worn while getting the backseat of a Prius)
9. A toilet seat (I always travel with mine, too)
10. Large painting of Kate Middleton
11. A catheter (Eeeewwww....)
12. A Harry Potter wand (Why not just use it to make a magic broom and avoid the rideshare?)
13. A pink leopard-print bikini (What happens in the backseat stays in the backseat)
14. A mannequin head (I wonder where the legs and torso went? Nevermind...I really don't want to know)
15. A prosthetic leg (Wouldn't you know immediately that...? Not going there.)
16. A dog’s ashes (Well that's unfortunate)
17. Thanksgiving ham (Try explaining to grandma you left your beautiful spiral-cut ham in the back of a Toyota)
18. A raw chicken and 20 pounds of salt (That's too much sodium for one chicken anyway)
19. A welding helmet
20. Victoria Secret bras and panties (There's got to be an interesting backstory here)

Oh, there's more. Check out the annual lost and found list here from the folks at Uber.

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