I first met Annie after I read a book that said suggested if you have a hard time disciplining yourself in a certain are of life enlist outside help.

I joined Annie, and her husband Chris at their Sioux Falls gym CPM Fitness.

Not only are they incredible on the training end of fitness, I soon found out Annie knew the nutritional side of health.

Annie's first book Cooking Fit: A Fit Chic LA's Guide to Healthy Eatingwas a product from her blog Fitchicla.com

Anyone who has ever tackled writing a book knows it's not a small feat, and Annie has has now conquered the author mountain twice.

Annie Mello serves up her second book: Fit Chic Meals in Minutes: 30 Meals in Under 30 Minutes.

I asked Annie some questions to find out about her inspiration for fitness, and this book.

What’s your fitness/food background? Why did you decide to dedicate your life to this work?

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. I am so passionate about health and fitness and I wanted to lead teach and inspire others to feel the same passion. I also wanted people (women in particular) to feel empowered strong and good about themselves!

When and why did you start writing this book?

I wanted to devote my life to this, because If I have this knowledge I feel I need to teach others how easy and effective it really is.

Who did you have in mind when you wrote it, and who would benefit from reading it?

I wrote this second book because the number one reason people say they can't get healthy, is because they "Don't have time" so I wanted to show people how easy it really is. The book is 30 recipes 30 minutes or less. 10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, 10 dinners. Now you can have tasty healthy meals but not take up hours of your day.

Where did you find most of your inspiration for writing this?

My inspiration is definitely when people don't feel they are on a diet and they can enjoy food and still stay on the path of healthy living.

If you could have a workout with 3 trainers /exercise gurus living or dead who are you training with, and what’s the workout?

Love this question ... If I could workout with 3 people in the fitness world it would definitely be Jack Lalanne the originator of fitness ... and I would go thru his daily routine. Tera Stiles she is an amazing yoga instructor and I would love to go thru a morning practice with her, and Bob Harper because he shares the same passion for fitness that I do and I think he would be a good workout buddy!

Do you have any advice for anyone who has a book inside them they would like to write?
Knowledge is power and any advice or life lessons you have learned are some of the best learning tools for those around you. My mission is to keep eating healthy simple and delicious .. and by putting out this book of my experiences I can empower others to make positive choices
Annie and her husband Chris have two gym locations, for more details on CPM Fitness click here. 
To order Annie's book Fit Chic Meals in Minutes: 30 Meals in Under 30 Minutes click here.

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