Do you ever feel like your driving the DIRTIEST CAR IN SIOUX FALLS? Sometimes I feel that way.  As I write this today I feel 'just like that.'

Washing the car. It can be tedious at times and in South Dakota, it can cause quite a bit of mental stress. I came up with 10 reasons it's probably a good idea to wash your car, today. Here they are.

10. Your retired neighbor up the street was seen out on the driveway washing his ride for the second time this week. And it's just Thursday. This isn't a dis, it's a compliment. When I retire, I hope to boost the cleanest garage and cleanest car on the block too. I'm a bit jealous.

9. It's not only time to wash the car but vacuum it out. After all, there are more gravel pebbles on the floor mat on the drivers' side than on your average country road.

8. Your planning to go to church this weekend. Isn't that part of going to church? Going with a clean car? I see more people going to church in blue jeans nowadays but that car is usually CLEAN! Don't believe me? Try going to the car wash Saturday afternoon sometime.

7. Car washes are everywhere. Gas stations have them. Most major throughways in Sioux Falls have one. Head to a small town. Most of them have an entrepreneur who has one set up there too.

6. Your car or pickup will last longer. Yes, I know that was obvious.

5. It's really not a badge of courage. I know, when it's been sloppy and dirty you let it go for a few days. However, there is a level of REALLY? that we all hit and eventually give in and wash it up.

4. At work bragging rights. We all have that co-worker at work, you know the one, neat desk, IMMACULATE RIDE!  I'm not hating here, I just hope to be more like them.

3. Your kids. You know the ones. You know the age, where they're old enough to write WAS ME in the grit and salt that's clinging to your baby.

2. You get better gas mileage. OK, again, probably not true, but hey, It's nice 'pondering the possibilities while driving down 80 MPH on a windy day!  Oh, it feels like we're just sliding through the air today!

1. Your license plates. I've seen several cars and pickups in Sioux Falls that you can't even see the license plate numbers. I saw one earlier this week, where someone had washed off the tiniest part of the plate to put their updated registration sticker on.  Come to think of it I'm due to get my stickers and stick them on this month. But of course, I'll wait till the coldest of the day of the year to do that!

How about you? Do you have another more GOOD reason to wash your car or pickup that you would like to share? Share your thoughts with me here!  You can email me anytime at Come to think of it, SHARE this story with your friends today. You know the ones. The ones with the dirty cars!

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