We just got 13+ inches of snow in the worst blizzard I can remember in a long time. A snow alert was issued and the streets are getting plowed. And people are crying like a 2-year-old who didn't get a candy bar at the check out.

I am certainly not a big fan of our city's government all the time. Many departments have set millions of taxpayer dollars on fire with silly improvements and projects. Grass with sprinklers in medians would be my first example. Another would be last year's inexplicable replacement of playgrounds that had no deficiency other than perceived age.

In the case of snow removal the Street Department has usually had a measured and appropriate response. They don't plow 3 inches of snow when it's going to be 40 the next day. But they have to deal with 13.5 inches. And when that's heavy wet spring snow, that is a massive project.

On Facebook I saw a post by the city about snow removal. Some people apparently think it's the City's responsibility to never have a flake (or ice chunk) of snow left at the end of their driveway. How quickly they forget life before the snow gates.

The whining is hilarious to me. Dealing with the pile of snow at the end of the driveway sucks. Gates were not used because the snow was too wet and heavy and they were breaking. I don't doubt that at all after shoveling and blowing snow yesterday, and shoveling the pile out today. But I spared myself the embarrassment of whining about it on social media as if the city had somehow run their plow into my living room and said it was my fault.

Before the snow gates this happened all the time. Now with social media, the favored platform to spout off about perceived injustice, they can get enough like-minded crybabies to whine along with them that the noise starts to sound like a problem when in fact it is not.

The city plowed the street you live on. It isn't their job to open your driveway. That's your responsibility.

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