KSFY TV is reporting that John and Heidi Small of Sioux Falls are suing former Badlands Pawn owner Chuck Brennan in federal court.

The couple claims that Brennan still owes them hundreds of thousands of dollars from a South Dakota lawsuit. According to court documents Chuck Brennan's Badlands Airtime LLC made an agreement with John and Heidi Small and Cup O' Dirt LLC to purchase Sunny Radio back in February of 2015.

Brennan and Badlands Airtime allegedly defaulted on the purchase agreement and instead purchased what came to be known as KBAD Radio from the University of Sioux Falls.

Cup O' Dirt sued Brennan in state court. The Smalls say in the federal lawsuit that they have not received more than $450,000 in attorney fees and expenses but have been paid more than $300,000 from the state lawsuit.

The federal lawsuit claims Badlands Airtime LLC had no operating funds, bank account or capital when it made the agreement with Cup O' Dirt, but Brennan told the Smalls "he personally was good for the payment obligations."

The federal lawsuit says "Brennan has abused the corporate form and otherwise engaged in fraud and misconduct."

The lawsuit alleges after the jury entered a verdict in the state lawsuit, Brennan asked for accelerated payments from Real Presence Radio to "hinder, delay, impede and impair the ability of Cup O' Dirt to recover on the money judgment and to vindicate the verdict of the jury."

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