One minute you're enjoying a concert, the next minute you're in the delivery room giving birth. Talk about a case of perfect timing, expecting couple, Kiley Luke and Dustin Eberle were in St. Paul on Friday, (September 28) rocking their bodies to their favorite artist Justin Timberlake from the front row, as JT was doing a show that night at the Xcel Energy Center.

Right after the show ended, the Sioux Falls couple were exiting the venue when, oh boy, (literally!)  Luke's water broke four weeks before her due date.

Don't worry, KSFY TV is reporting this story is "not a bad thing" it has a very happy ending. The couple was able to make it to Regions Hospital in the Twin Cities in plenty of time to welcome their new baby boy, Jet to the world the very next day.

Being that Kiley and Dustin are such huge Timberlake fans, the couple wanted to do something fitting to pay tribute to their favorite artist, so according to KSFY, they have decided to give Jet the same middle name that Justin has, which is Randall.

Thanks to social media, Kiley and Dustin's story soon went viral. It even popped up on Timberlake's radar. The artist was so moved by the gesture that he sent the Sioux Falls couple a personal video congratulating them on the baby.

Even the gang at Regions Hospital got into the action by posting a pic of the happy couple with their new baby boy Jet on Facebook.

Congrats Kiley, Dustin, and Jet! I can't wait to hear about Jet's next Justin Timberlake concert experience.

Source: KSFY TV

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