Country stars were so cute when they were kids! Well, most of them, anyway. Let's be honest, a few of these videos of singers as teens are kind of awkward (but weren't we all?).

What matters is the talent, and you'll see that young Carrie Underwood, tiny Thomas Rhett and teenaged Chris Young have always had plenty of it. Hunter Hayes and Keith Urban also make appearances during this video recap of 10 country singers as kids. We're counting Justin Timberlake — OK, he's yet to release a country album, but he's close to the genre and as a kid he was definitely country.

A few artists were a little bit older when we found them, but that doesn't make the videos any less gems. Mid-80s Garth Brooks is amazing — Shania Twain has always had the voice to be a star, and she was born to be the center of attention. Let us know who surprised you the most, or who has changed the most since achieving his or her dreams.

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