We have all seen them lining practically every major street in Sioux Falls, and it's starting to look as if someone has seen enough.

I'm referring to a current billboard campaign being put on by the Sioux Falls atheism organization. One of the billboards containing facts about atheism was allegedly vandalized last week in Sioux Falls.

According to Dale Hemming the founder of the Sioux Falls Atheists, "If people hear any statements that don’t agree with their worldview, they tend to strike back."

Hemming spotted the mutilated billboard while driving down Minnesota Avenue recently. The billboard in question is located above the Juice Stop, on Minnesota.

Something, or someone, created a clean cut tear in an almost straight line along the center of the billboard canvas.

The disfigured billboard contained the message "Millions Are Good Without God! 98 Million Americans are Living Happily Without Religion!"

Sioux Falls Police have yet to decide whether the incident was an act of vandalism.

This current set of billboards has been up for about a month and is due to be taken down on Monday, June 6, 2016.

Source: The Argus Leader

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