This tug of war over paint on a snowplow deserves some examination and reflection.
Anyone who wishes to tap into their own spirituality, should continuously probe the inner recesses of their being.  It’s a never-ending quest.

The United States of America has within its tenets a chain on government stating there should not be a barrier to the exercise of one’s religion.  (See Constitution, First Amendment)

Practices of religion are not to be fettered by a federal agency nor is an arm of government to force people to practice one religion over another.

Which brings us to the painting of the plows by students of schools in Sioux Falls.  Plows painted by Sioux Falls Lutheran School and Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls with overtly religious messages have been a bone of contention between the Siouxland Free Thinkers who are a humanist/atheist group and people of the Christian faith.

(Courtesy Sioux Falls Lutheran School)

The city gave schools all over Sioux Falls plows to paint.  Designs would be up to the discretion of the teams at each building to create and produce the art.  Within its confines Sioux Falls has Christian-sponsored schools.  However if there were Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan or  Atheist schools they should have gotten a plow to paint also.  All of them would have deserved a chance to display their talent.

There’s nothing wrong with stating that religious imagery doesn’t belong on equipment owned by a government entity.  However by taking that stand, be prepared to give an answer for your logic.  Similar rules apply for those who profess the Christian faith.  Remember, it was not very long ago that an artist placed a crucifix in a jar of urine and considered it art.

By looking for things to offend one’s own senses and then searching for ways to suppress, block or harangue those who feel that way undermines the effort.  On the other hand, confidently making the case for a crusade may gain more support in the long run.  It’s similar to the honey versus vinegar technique.

One method is much harder than the other.  It is obvious which one most people will use in an attempt to win the debate.