You may know Shaun Johnson as the lead singer of the group Tonic Sol-Fa. You may know Shaun Johnson as the frontman vocalist for The Big Band Experience. Or you may know Shaun Johnson the amazingly talented Sioux Falls resident that you see all over Youtube.

And speaking of Youtube, you can see Shaun's newest music video “Multiplied by Two”. This original song from the top 5 Billboard Jazz artists was inspired by the Andrew Sisters and Bing Crosby and dedicated to the idea that two are often better than one.

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Shaun won his first Emmy in the "Musical Composition/Arrangement" category. Shaun won his first Emmy in the "Musical Composition/Arrangement" category. He also won two Independent Grammys for “Best Original Holiday Song” and “Best Pop Song” out of 650,000 entries world

Shaun Johnson is an Emmy Award-winning singer/songwriter whose compositions have been an integral part of more than two million independently sold albums. He has conducted hundreds of high school and collegiate vocal master classes as well as performed more than 2,500 shows, entertained with Jay Leno, and has been featured in Newsweek.

“Multiplied by Two” Lyrics


Baby do you know I'm falling
Fever it is nothing new
I don't need a cure, I've never been so sure
I'll be ever after you

If I swam across the ocean
Bumped into a shark or two
Nothing would deter me, frighten or defer me
I'll be ever after you

There's a light that shines down from the heavens
There's a place where simple dreams come true
And a time where us is greater than just me or you
That's when love is multiplied by two

Fools they believe in someday
Never giving love its due
But let's just take a chance, bet it on romance
Cause I'll be ever after you

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