Same story, different day.

That is what many Huskers fans are feeling after an embarrassing loss on Saturday for the Nebraskas football team against Illinois.

The Illini defeated the Huskers 30-22 in Week 0 of the 2021 college football season and put the Huskers program back even farther as it searches for an identity.

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The only identity the Huskers program can find right now is one of losing and confusion.

Losing by 8 when you were a 7 point favorite is one thing, but the combination of mistakes and continued lack of leadership at the top is what has to be the most infuriating for Big Red nation.

Others in the Big 10 have lost more over the last 5 years, but Nebraska has continued to be the biggest disaster.

When you have the history and resources that the Huskers have, you can't continue to be a punching bag because you can't figure out the little things.

Coaching needs to improve, players need to execute better and overall they need to simply play better football or this perceived notion that this is rock bottom will only become a bigger crater that Nebraska may never claw out of.

The Huskers will now face off against FCS foe Fordham on Saturday in Lincoln and I'm sure the boo birds will be out when they take the field.

If you lose that game though, Scott Frost might as well skip walking back to the football offices and start looking for a new job.

I sure hope the Huskers can turn this around, because college football is so much better when Nebraska is a dumpster fire.


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