It seems everybody has a 'Babe of the Day' or some other gimmick to get you to click on their website. Not us. We prefer a little class. American forged steel instead of skin.

The Sexy Tractor of the Day comes from a blog post from Sun Hill farm by Zac and Marianne. They included a beautifully written tribute that I hope they don't mind me sharing:

                                       Ode To The Ugly Old Tractor

You are ugly,
No doubt from the faded paint,
That was once called international red,
And now that is pocked with surface rust,
And areas where I began to reprime you,
But left before we were finished.
I found a more engaging chore elsewhere.
You've been rewelded,
Several times and in many places,
So that now the arms on your three point hitch,
Do not lower as far as I would like when I use my tiller.
You putter because your carburetor needs tinkering,
But I am not skilled enough to let you breath properly,
So in fourth gear and high range,
You put put up a hill,
But still you run a log splitter,
And start nearly every time I need you.
Your back differentials lock,
Which has saved both of us,
Several times- even yesterday.
You're older than me,
You're older than my mother-
I only wish you had a bucket,
Because there are still some rocks
In that field.

Source: Sun Hill farm blogpost

Oh, sure. We could go on for hours with details about her crankcase, oil capacity, and bore/stroke ratio, but, we like to look at her for what she really is.

Pure American ingenuity packed with pure uninhibited lust and dust.

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