You probably didn't know that there is a roller coaster in the Black Hills. It's not a sudden drop 60 mph thrill ride you'd find at a major amusement park - but a coaster none-the-less.

The cars feature a brake (like the kids would ever use that) that can slow nervous riders down before the hairpin turns.

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The Rushmore Mountain Coaster is the latest attraction at Rush Mountain Adventure Park - and now that my kids have seen while dad was working on this post - I guess we're going.

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Rush Mountain has this to say about it's latest attraction:

It is a coaster that features one and two person carts that are securely connected to rails that silently wind through the trees and over the mountainside.  All riders and their carts will stay securely on the track at all times with each person wearing a seatbelt. The individually controlled carts of the mountain coaster have been designed to reach speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour with tight, exhilarating turns.  If you are a daredevil, you can go all out and reach top speeds, but if you are the nervous type, you can pull back on the brake, control the speed and experience Black Hills vistas in a whole new way."

The park is located at 13622 Hwy 40, Keystone, SD.

South Dakota Video Tours_Youtube

This guy even filmed one of the first rides down last October just after they opened.