What is it that men can do to appeal to women? There is no easy answer to this.

No, we are not going to call a plastic surgeon in. The only thing we are going to do to make our faces prettier, is put on a smile. That works far better than anything you can do.

Now, let's go beyond the smile. Shoes shined, nails clean and ear wax removed. What next?

The one thing that has been an item and trend for decades, is hair style. You can identify an era by looking at a hair style.

You can see a guy in the grocery store and tell he's from the 50's. Yeah, there are some who just can't let go and change with the times. And what were we thinking in the 70's?

Now days you have your long hair dude. And of course the man with the shaved head.

So what do women want? Women's Health asked readers, "What's the sexiest haircut a guy can have?" Here's what they said:

  • 59 percent said short and well groomed
  • 27 percent said wavy and tousled
  • 9 percent said buzzed
  • 3 percent said straight and piecey
  • 2 percent said long hair

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