The stupidity of sports fans sometimes is amazing.

Mix in some alcohol, emotions and sports and for some reason, some individuals want to fight, all over some result in some game.

We've seen it turn very ugly too, from the preseason beat down a Vikings fan received while attending a game in San Francisco to the Giants/Dodgers fan mess in which people were almost killed a couple years back to countless other violent situations occurring at different venues across the country, it all makes me sick.

Another one occurred this week as the Philadelphia Eagles took on the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.

A New York Giants fan was knocked out by a Eagles fan and security footage show them before it all goes down.

This obviously wasn't the first incident of these kinds nor will it be the last, but for whatever reason it continues to happen.

Here is the video of the assault and we caution you that there are some violent scenes that may be for mature audiences only.

That is the main problem, it keeps happening.

People are being assaulted while they attend games with their families and friends and it needs to STOP!

There is not on justification for violence based on what someone says to you.  I don't care if someone verbally attacks your dying grandmother or your infant child.  I don't care if someone verbally attacks your race or religion.  None of those are justifications for physically attacking them.

Taking that into account, then clearly a person verbally attacking your favorite team or player is no grounds for violence.

The penalties need to be steep.  The media coverage needs to be extensive so that it's clear to individuals committing such crimes that this needs to and will stop.

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.


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