In addition to the over 165 Sears stores that closed in 2017, the company has decided to close another 166 stores this month and few dozen more stores by July of 2018.

With a mere 1,000 Sears stores left in existence, does the once mighty Empire Mall anchor store remain open? As it turns out, yes. We can credit a strong local economy and hearty shopping habits for this one.

Among the Midwest stores that are shuttering the doors include the Maplewood Mall in Maplewood, Minnesota and the Cedar Rapids, Iowa location. These stores will begin a liquidation process on April 27.

Although Sears has not publically announced the next round of closings, Business Insider apparently gathered intel from multiple Sears employees.

Sears stores have been cut in half over the last 5 years, with intense online sales competition - with free shipping - to blame.

This news comes on the heels of Younker's closing it's Empire Mall location soon.

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