Supply issues have been plaguing all sorts of industries over the last year. It's been difficult to many items from auto computer chips to lumber to crackers.

And with school back in session in South Dakota, they are finding that food supply issues are causing concerns when it comes to providing school breakfasts and lunches for area kids.

Dakota News Now is reporting that area school districts are having difficulty getting some food items. The Sioux Falls and area School Districts are being forced to adapt their menus depending on what foods are available at the time.

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According to Sioux Falls School District Child Nutrition Services Coordinator Gay Anderson the issues they are confronting stem from a nationwide worker shortage that is impacting the supply chain.

Anderson said: “We’re dealing with a distribution that can’t find truck drivers, they can’t find warehouse people, they can’t find some of their food coming in from their suppliers, the manufacturers, and really struggle with that, so it creates this vicious cycle for us. We have to be flexible, we have to be patient, and we have to be gracious with the food that we get.”

Harrisburg School District Child Nutrition Director Chris Beach stated, “The industry as a whole is having these issues, and so you can expect menu changes almost on a weekly basis. As of last week, we have 60 days to find a new food supplier, while the school year is starting. We still have to meet the USDA guidelines, regardless of the product that we’re serving. So, they’re not going to miss any of that, they’re just going to maybe miss out on some of their favorites.”

The supply issues are not expected to be resolved in the near future.

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