There are two food-related items to pack when I run away from home: honey and bacon. OK, there's three if you include a really good bottle of bourbon or Irish whiskey.

The unmistakable smell of frying bacon is a childhood memory when our mothers and grandmothers stood over the stove forking bacon in a thick cast iron skillet. Dropping in fresh eggs and basting them with the bacon grease was the next step in our morning breakfast routine. But they never ever discarded the bacon grease. Sinful!

A recent story at Garden and Gun proves my point where you will learn just how passionate we are when it comes to bacon grease. One person went so far as to call it Southern olive oil. Along with other comments, readers shared their uses for this ancient-old elixir.

Reusing bacon grease to cook other foods in. A topping for biscuits, making popcorn, cooking vegetables and even in a smoothie.

Does bacon grease ever go bad? Nope! Freeze it. You can even portion it out in ice cube trays and use them as a quick blast of yuuuuuuuum!

Bottom line here is to use it sparingly but use it! Or not.

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