If you look around, you see a lot of people out running. They run in the morning, or after work. Heck some even run over the lunch hour. It's a great way to feel better longer. 

I've been seriously training for a big run coming up. My training hasn't been serious at all (I'm hoping to just finish), but the actual run is getting bigger and bigger every year. It's called The Down Hill River Run. Maybe that's not what it's called, but that's what I call it (actually it's called The Run to the River 5K)

The run is the brainchild of Brandon Soulek, and myself (Brandon may dispute this fact but don't believe him). He marked off the actual distance (because he's an engineer and that's what engineers do). In an effort to make the run/walk easier we start at the cemetery in Lake Andes, South Dakota on the west edge of town and run to Svatos Point Campground. It is mostly down hill, with a bitch of a hill at the end. The very end. Heartbreak Hill, Hell Hill. How far is it to the mailbox anyway! 

Last year, we had about 55 participants. I think we had 5 or 6 the first year we started. There is no entry fee, there are no trophies. We don't have chips for your shoes that time how fast you run. We start the race with a shotgun blast so it's got a little hillbilly mixed in. You can walk it, sprint it, jog it or get picked up by the courtesy truck. It's informal and fun. And it's all run on gravel.

We have some fast runners, and we have some guys like me that get passed up by a lot of kids and pretty ladies. If your in the Lake Andes area the Fourth of July stop on by. We'll set up a free shuttle to get you back to your car.

8:30 AM Start on the 4th. The Downhill River Run, Lake Andes, South Dakota.

Some advice? Where light colored running shirt. It can get warm. And try not to drink 13 or so beers the night before the run. We have found out that can slow your time down considerably.

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