Doorbell cameras are a powerful tool. They keep tabs on people who approach your house, let you see when family comes home, see what happened overnight, and even alerts you to when you may have a mouse in your house.

That piece of home security hardware that so many of us depend on needs to be safe. But screwing up the installation may lead to a risk of fire with one model of camera.

Ring announced a recall of 350,000 of its Second Generation doorbell cameras. There is a risk of fire associated with them. If incorrect screws are used to install the doorbell it can cause the battery to overheat and start a fire. So far it has happened on 23 occasions according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

If you think that you may have one of the doorbells associated with the recall you can check on Ring's website, though it does say that if the doorbell was installed correctly there is no risk of fire. Corrected instructions are available here.

The recall is not requiring the sending in of your camera, they are merely giving corrected instructions to fix the problem.

In 2019, after several neighbors had trouble with people stealing packages we got a Ring doorbell camera. I can say that it is a great device. They aren't cheap but they work well, as long as your kids aren't bogging down the WiFi too much. The annual service is reasonably priced as well.

My only gripe with Ring is that their standard smartphone app, which is used to review previous events, does a poor job of looking in the live feed when someone is there. Knowing it's not great this, they also have an app called Rapid Ring that has the sole purpose of doing live look-ins of your various cameras.

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