Riley Green's "In Love by Now" lyrics will tug at your heartstrings. It's a heartbreak song of the worst kind, because nothing can be done to fix the pain.

The newcomer and newest Taste of Country RISERS pick wrote the song alongside Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip and Marv Green while in Nashville. Green admits that he has in the past gone into writing sessions with established songwriters with "a little competition chip" on his shoulder, wanting to win them over. When writing the "In Love by Now" lyrics, it was a good thing.

"Knowing what era they came from, I remember saying, 'I wanna write something like 'Two Dozen Roses' by Shenandoah' and they all started fumbling for their guitars," he tells Taste of Country.

The inspiration for the song came from a girl who Green thought was a little too good for him.  "I didn't act right and she went on her own way," he recalls, and, "I probably had those thoughts of maybe calling her and texting her one night and thought, 'Well, she's probably found somebody else.'"

Though Green's "In Love by Now" lyrics are sad in nature, the mid-tempo beat lends to a song fans will sing along to even if they're happy and in love. Really, anyone who has loved and lost can relate to Green's soon-to-be hit, "In Love by Now."

Green was recently announced as the third Taste of Country RISERS rising act of 2019, following Jimmie Allen and Cody Johnson.

Riley Green's "In Love by Now" Lyrics:

I bet she's got them windows rolled down / Tom Petty's on, she's singin' along / Bet she's all tanned up from that summer sun / And she might be dancin' to long-haired cover band on the coast / But if I know her she ain't dancin' alone


She's probably in love by now, a girl like that don't stay lonely long  / And I bet she's already found somebody else and he ain't doin' her wrong / Wouldn't do no good even if / I could somehow track her down / She's probably in love by now

Bet she's prettyin' up some old boy's shotgun seat, toenails painted pink / Bet those Ray-Bans are holdin' that blonde hair back / I bet he's holdin' her close at night and she ain't losin' any sleep / If I know her she sure ain't thinkin' 'bout me
Repeat Chorus

Yeah she's probably in love

Wherever she is out there tonight I bet her heart ain't hurting like mine / She's probably in love by now / Yeah, she's probably in love by now

Repeat Chorus 

Yeah she's probably in love / She's probably in love by now

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