In 2012, a theme park in Canada unleashed a roller coaster that many feel should be on the list of the 'World's Scariest Roller Coasters'.

The Wonderland theme park in Vaughan, Ontario, (a suburb north of Toronto) is home to one of the biggest and tallest roller coasters in the world, the Leviathan.  For coaster-lovers, this ride will take you up 306 feet before letting you go on an 80 degree drop, reaching speeds of 148 km/h.  (That's about 91.963 mph!)  The Leviathan takes riders through loops, swirls and other heart-pounding drops all in about three minutes and 28 seconds.

If you are scared of heights, but have always wanted to ride one of the world's tallest roller coasters, this is the best way to do it!