For those of you who eat out more than cooking at home, I think you're about to see that change in a big hurry. I'm the opposite. My wife and I eat about 99% of our meals are made at home. No, we don't pick up the phone and order delivery. We stock up at the grocery store on a regular basis and cook big meals. Just for the two of us.

What we don't eat right away is portioned out and sent to the freezer. Both of them.

So what I want to share with you are some very simple ideas and hacks we've picked up over the years. And those of you with kids it's time to have some fun.

Have you ever seen the dairy section without buttermilk? Right, so here's one of my favorite recipes from Grandma Claire's box. Buttermilk pancakes.

Dave Roberts/TSM
Dave Roberts/TSM

You can fudge the amount of the buttermilk like I do to make the batter just slightly thinner if you want. But I have to warn you, these are the kind of flapjacks that after you eat two, depending on the size, you may call off the cook from filling your plate again. Very filling.

Now here's the hack. Don't want to use regular flour? Pull out the container of oatmeal and run it through the food processor for oat flour.

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