For years I've heard people rave about the chislic at Meridian Corner. Many of you have driven by, in a hurry to get to Yankton or Salem South Dakota or some other point along the road like Freeman. Monday I made it a point to make a stop and check out the world-famous Meridian Corner.

Teresa, without an 'H' and Abby without an 'E' set me up with some Lamb Chislic. I was just about ready to drive off and eat while I was on the road. I opted to try one of their convenient picnic tables. The weather was perfect! The lamb chislic was amazing. Teresa, without an 'H' had recommended that I get the chislic, along with garlic salt, and eat crackers in between sticks.

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls

At first, I was a little hesitant to eat a cracker in between the sticks of chislic, then I realized that the did indeed add flavor and texture and feel to the lunchtime delicacy.

Is that flowery enough? I hope so. I was packing up to drive home and noticed that they also have Tiger Meat. Dang, I'll have to stop again sometime and try that out!

By the way, they have a convenient drive-up window and judging the line of locals when I left they have a pretty good local business that they do.

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls

Thank you for spreading this story around with your Facebook friends. As for The Meridian Corner? I'll be back. Save some tiger meat for me!

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