With Spring finally here, that means the gym will be busy with people getting ready for swimsuit season. So let's a review a few key gym etiquette tips for the awesome Spring weather.

Let me be very clear from the start, I am not an expert, nor am I claiming to know a lot about fitness. However, as JT loves to poke fun, I am very passionate about health and wellness.

1) This one is not just a Spring issue because I feel it has been a growing problem in the gym community. Guys: STOP AGGRESSIVELY GRUNTING LIKE YOU'RE GIVING BIRTH TO AN ELEPHANT.

If you're throwing around some serious weight, OK I get it and you're more than welcome to sound ridiculous. But, for most of us there is no need to grunt so loudly that people with headphones on can hear you over their music. Some big, deep breathes will be more than sufficient.

2) Now to the seasonal issues. Like I mentioned the weather is getting nicer. So that means less and less clothing at the gym. Guys rock the cut off's, tank tops and short shorts. Girls bring out the yoga pants, spandex, sports bra's and half shirts. Hey, I get it. Everyone wants to be cool and comfortable while working out. I have a few cutoffs too.

But guys, the gawking and staring at women needs to be toned down. Again, I understand sometimes you're going to look, but I don't think she appreciates the hour you spend following her around and making sure your workout happens right behind.

3) With the weather warming up, it's likely you'll find yourself at a gym that's basically a sauna. So, you're likely going to sweat more than normal. Don't be that person who gets done and leaves the machine looking like it got sprayed down with the garden hose.

It takes about 5 seconds to give it a quick wipe down and then move on to your next exercise. I personally don't enjoy bathing in someone else's sweat and I can't imagine you do either.

4) This next one is more for the guys because I understand that women are different in this aspect, but it can be applied to some girls. People: going to the gym is NOT a fashion show. We're all there to workout, get sweaty and probably leave smelling like B.O.

Guys, if I can smell your Dolce & Gabbana cologne from across the room we have some problems. Also, if you wear the deep tight v-neck every single day with the long compression shorts that go to the calf and a backwards Burton cap, come on man. A t-shirt and gym shorts work just as well.

5) Lastly, with less clothing and a bunch of fit people in one large area the Spring time gym selfies are likely to start up again. If you haven't noticed it yet, just wait, soon your social media will be filled more and more gym selfies of people in little clothing.

If you want to roll into the locker room, snap a picture of what I'm sure is your great physique and make sure all your 300 followers see it, knock yourself out. But please, for the sake of my sanity and everybody's patience, don't bust a pose in front of the mirror while we're all working out. First of all most of us are likely to start laughing mid-lift and second because some of us are using the mirror to watch our technique, not for Instagram likes.

That's it, five simple but useful tips to ensure you don't turn into "that guy or girl" at the gym. Again I don't know everything and this is just a passion of mine so don't take this as I'm trying to say I behave better than anyone else, these are just things I've notice!

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