The following is a satirical look at shopping in today's new COVID-19 pandemic world.  

I would like to start this story with a thank you. Thank you and thank goodness for spell check. Otherwise, I would not be confident enough in my spelling for using the word etiquette in a story, let alone it's the title.

It is, indeed a strange new world for shopping and grocery shopping in particular. This whole pandemic thing has our household turned around. Yep, now I'm the shopper! I noticed some Facebook chatter the other day that had to do with the arrows on the floors at HyVee. You know the arrows that say which way to go!

I'm OK with them. I try to follow them. I do have a question though and I'd like some feedback from you.

The whole Coronavirus-COVID-19 has all of us, rethinking how to shop. I call it the wagon room rule! Give that shopper some wagon room when you go out to pick up a few items. One thing I would offer is to take a little bit more time. It's when you're in a rush that you tend to be a pain in the rump to other shoppers. We've all seen them, the I'm in a hurry, the most important person in the store. Heck, I've felt like that's even me a couple of times. Take a little more time and things will be better for everyone. 

Another thing? If they close at 8:00 PM, do your shopping in that last half hour of the day or 45 minutes. Fewer people make for less stress while shopping.

Want to freak someone out? Touch every banana in the rack. Pick up and analyze every item you see. Look at the grapes, visualize what bag you would like in your refrigerator, pick up that bag, and put it in your cart! You know who you are, you grape sorting types! Other obvious things to do are to chill and allow some distance and wagon room in the checkout aisle. Wait till the person in front of you is done! And don't forget to use the right door to leave the store.

My best advice is to take a little time. That way you can read the signs and follow the arrows. for the most part. And happy shopping to you!

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