The Pioneer Woman may as well be Ree Drummond's superhero name — she goes around pulling men from ponds and leading cattle to water. What else can this woman do?

Drummond's Instagram page has been delightful in recent days. On Saturday (Feb. 5), she shared video that shows her taking an ax to a pond on her property so the cows would have water to drink. You see, it had all iced over after a cold snap through Oklahoma. Son Todd could have been a little more helpful as his mother labored, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt this time. He holds the camera and snickers as the reality television host — wearing a pair of Frye Boots, if you believe her commenters — swings away.

One day prior, Drummond was called to the pond for a very different kind of emergency. See for yourself:

Video shows Ladd Drummond admitting that he had to call his wife to come free his truck from a pond. Sure, he says something about not having the right kind of tires for the job — blah, blah, blah. We're with Ree as she asks who he had to call.

"The most capable person I know," he answers with a laugh.

The couple's kids loved it. "Reeree to the rescue!!" daughter Paige says.

"@todd.drummond7 must have been busy…" the recently-married Alex offers, referring to Todd again.

"Good answer," Drummond quips, sounding like her smile is growing with every word. "That's all you need to say, bye."

To date, there have been 30 seasons of the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network. It's not clear when or if Season 31 will premiere. Drummond is also a successful blogger, author, entrepreneur and more. Her children are a bit part of the TV show, with Ladd making an occasional appearance.

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