Reba McEntire and her boyfriend Rex Linn celebrated their second anniversary of dating on March 22, and the couple's still going as strong as ever — plus, they're still keeping up a sweet quality time ritual that they began back before they even truly started dating.

The couple got together in March 2020, meaning that their early days took place during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. As McEntire tells it, they had dinner together once, then weren't able to see each other for quite a while due to the pandemic shutdowns.

So instead of going out on in-person dates, they started "coffee camp" — a daily morning coffee date where they made time to spend together, whether it was over the phone, Zoom, or at one of their houses.

Two years later, "coffee camp" is still a daily occurrence in the McEntire-Linn household.

"We've not missed a morning," the singer tells Taste of Country and other media outlets recently. "I don't care if I'm doing Good Morning America while I'm in Nashville, so I have to get up at, like, 5, and he's out here in L.A., so he's at 3 o'clock [AM]. We have not missed a morning."

There was even one day when the couple had their "coffee camp" while Linn was in recovery from a medical procedure.

"Even when he had oral surgery," McEntire goes on to say.

"We had to wait 'til he got back home, and I made coffee, and we sat on the couch, watched television, had coffee camp. Later on that afternoon, he said, 'So when are we gonna have coffee camp?'" the singer continues with a laugh. "I said, 'I guess I should have waited 'til all the anesthesia wore off a little bit better!' Because he didn't remember it."

Linn having no memory of the "coffee camp" meant it didn't count towards that day's routine, "so we did it again," McEntire adds.

Of course, the couple made time for "coffee camp" before last weekend's Academy Awards ceremony, where they walked the red carpet together and McEntire performed. Ahead of the show, McEntire said that they were planning to have their morning routine before the glam squad arrived. After run-throughs, the red carpet, the ceremony and performance, McEntire and Linn capped off the ceremony by going to grab a bite to eat.

"Coffee camp" may have begun as a response to the pandemic era, but with travel restrictions lifting, McEntire says she and her boyfriend are looking forward to sharing coffee in some more exciting locales.

"I love to travel. I love to go home, and I love to travel. So I'm pretty much a happy camper wherever I am," the singer says. "And Rex and I are really looking forward to going and seeing more of the world together."

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