It started out as a Photoshop experiment done by Buzzfeed.  Everyday women, transformed into cover models by hairstylists and make-up artists, went into a professional photoshoot and were told how to pose their bodies for the pictures.

After the pictures were taken, the women's photos were Photoshopped to complete the cover model look. When they were shown the finished product, their response to the cover model transformation was surprising.

The women were self conscious about issues that included aging, wrinkles and not being thin enough.  Knowing that if they looked at themselves in a mirror, they would never look like the cover models in the magazines of today.

But after seeing the Photoshopped pictures of themselves, the women were not mad or even offended.  They were bewildered and even disappointed.  But not for the reason someone would expect.

They were disappointed because the pictures didn't look like themselves.

One woman responds,

I feel like it doesn't even look like me.  I like my freckles, I think they add character, and now that they are gone,  I don't even know who that is.

Another woman says,

This is how I always wanted to see myself, but now that I see it, I'm questioning why I ever wanted to look like that.

And yet another woman talks about how the Photoshopping changes her identity.

Seeing yourself change, seeing your identity change, is pretty shocking.

One woman even points out,

Once someone has done your make-up and hair, and someone has directed how your body looks, then taken away your imperfections, then there's not much left of who you are.

Everyday, millions of women are guilty of looking at the flawless models in magazines, wishing they could be just like them.   But what needs to be remembered, is that the standard that the media sets as to what is beautiful is purely unrealistic.

Yes...I'm 100% guilty of wanting to look younger and thinner.  And I would love if someone would do my hair and make-up everyday.

But after watching this video of everyday women sharing their feelings of being changed through Photoshop, there is something to be said about loving who you are. It's normal to be critical of yourself.  (Where did those wrinkles come from? Where did my waistline go? Why do I look so old?)  But hopefully all women who watch this will realize that being PERFECT is not real, and with age comes the wisdom to know that.