She believes in thinking outside of the box and has given herself the title of a 'Professional Brain Developer.'  Denita Dinger believes that play speaks for itself, and this Sioux Falls, South Dakota woman is passionate about promoting "the important stuff".

Denita says "the important stuff" helps to build the base for which all future learning can be built upon.

Independent problem solving, confidence, self-control, owning discoveries, cooperating and sharing, leading and listening are all some of what I consider to be "the important stuff".

By thinking outside of the box, Denita believes that young children will make the most amazing learning opportunities themselves, and child-led, play-based learning is important.  Finding clever and innovative ways for children to learn through their own discovery is what matters to Denita.  Finding ways to sell play to the parents, who often expect a worksheet learning environment, is also part of her message.

Denita grew up on a farm near Flandreau, South Dakota, hearing the phrase "Go play!"  Little did she know, that phrase would be the backbone to what she believes in and how she runs her family child care/preschool program in Sioux Falls.

Graduating from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood Education, Denita uses her education to continue to inspire early childhood professionals, therapists, parents and even grandparents to trust in play.  She is always developing new workshops to promote the message that "Play Counts" and has traveled all over the United States presenting what she is most passionate about...the growth and development of children in a positive and fun manner.

Her presentations are heartfelt, humorous and most importantly...REAL.  The owner and operator of Giggles and Grins, a family child care/playschool program in Sioux Falls since 1998, Denita spends Monday through Friday with 10 two to five year olds, practicing what she teaches.

Her journey from saying, "We play for a bit before we get to the "important stuff,"  has changed to "Play IS the "important stuff".  Denita's message continues to motivate people that have children in their lives, and her special gift of inspiring others to give ownership of discovery to children along with the value of play is what counts.

Denita has co-authored two books with Jeff Johnson.  The first was released in March, 2012 and is called 'Let Them Play: An Early Childhood UNcurriculum'.  Her second book, 'Let's Play' is right off the presses, and she is currently in the process of co-authoring her third book for Redleaf Press.

If you are interested in having Denita Dinger, Professional Brain Developer, speak at your event, check out her website or you can share ideas with her at Play Counts on Facebook.