Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared what questions they get asked too much and wish people would ask them less. Find out their answer below!

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  • Bobby Bones - “Is your last name Jones,” or asking him if Bones is his real last name. He explains it isn’t and they still call him Bobby Jones.
  • Eddie - “Are those all your kids?” He has four children and two of them are adopted so whenever he gets asked that he needs to explain that process.
  • Amy – She often gets asked if her children are hers since she also adopted two kids. She also wants people to ask her less about what Bones is truly like, which she does not mind answering, but they start asking personal questions about him that she does not want to disclose.
  • Lunchbox - “When are you going to stop playing soccer?” He mainly gets asked that from his wife, but he always says he has a few years still in him and he’ll know when the time is right.
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