August 7th, is National Purple Heart Day, and this past week I realized I was driving to western South Dakota and came upon this sign: Purple Heart Highway.

I'm a stop at every rest area, and every small town I drive through kind of traveler.

Stopping at every place along the road while you travel is a much slower go, but it is also the opportunity to stumble upon some hidden treasures.

Purple Heart Memorial Highway

I've had traveled the stretch of road I was on last week multiple times, and walked the paths at the rest area I stopped as well.

I had never read or noticed the marker sign that said: Purple Heart Highway

According to the sign posted at the rest area:

On May 24th, 2012 the South Dakota DOT's Transportation Commission officially declared Interstate 90 from the Minnesota border to the Wyoming border as South Dakotas segment of the National Purple Heart Trail

Also on the sign was a great suggestion, I believe not just for when we travel the trail, but wherever we might be:

"As you travel the Purple Heart Trails please take a moment to remember the sacrifices that have been paid for our nations freedom.."

Purple Heart Memorial Highway a great reminder to remember, reflect and never forget.

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