You love it or hated it, but Mountain Dews Puppymonkeybaby Superbowl commercial is already over nine million views and climbing.

Doritos always has a strong showing with their commercials and this year proved they still got that magical marketing team.

I'm pretty sure somewhere down the road Honda's creepy singing sheep will show up in my dreams or a nightmare.

Here is USA Today's annual Ad Meter review of the Super Bowl commercials with the help of nearly 20,000 people.

The Top Five Ads:

  1. Hyundai's "First Date" shows comedian Kevin Hart following his daughter on a first date.
  2. Heinz's "Weiner Stampede" featured running Dachshunds dressed in hot dog costumes.
  3. Doritos' "Ultrasound" had a baby flying out of its mother's womb to get some Doritos.
  4. Doritos' "Doritos Dogs" showed dogs disguising themselves to get into a store to buy Doritos.
  5. Hyundai's "Ryanville" featured women driving through a town where every man looks like hunky actor Ryan Reynolds.

The Bottom Five Ads (Worst at #1)

  1. Valeant's "Jublia" featured Howie Long, Deion Sanders and Phil Simms with a cartoon toe fighting toenail fungus.
  2. Valeant's "Xifaxan" had  talking, walking small intestine for anti-diarrhea medication.
  3. Persil ProClean's "The Professional" featured a suave guy talking about laundry detergent.
  4. OIC is Different's "Envy" raised opioid-induced constipation awareness by showing a man jealous of people who can go to the bathroom.
  5. Squarespace's "Success" features two "rappers" talking about, uh, stuff. And websites.


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