Taking your kids to the local pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin for the family jack-o-lantern has just become a lot more fun......for moms and dads!  Just in time for Halloween, you can now accessorize your favorite pumpkin ale and 'pump' up your Halloween party.

The Pumpkin Tap Kit from Kegworks, can turn any pumpkin into a drink dispensing wonderkeg.  The Pumpkin Tap Kit is easy to assemble, has a chrome finish and makes your favorite ale (pumpkin flavored or otherwise) easy to pour with a handy lever.


But don't think the fun stops when pumpkins are hard to find. Simply disassemble the tap, keep it in a safe place until summer, and put a 'pick-me-up' in your picnics by placing the tap in a watermelon.

For great conversation starters and to make your friends jealous, order your Pumpkin (or watermelon) Tap Kit here.