When you go to all the work of elaborately carving your pumpkins, it would be nice if they lasted a bit longer, without going all shriveled, sunken, and sad. Wouldn't it?

When we were kids, our dad was the king of the pumpkin carvers. His extravagant artwork was really something to behold! As far as we knew, back then, no one else ever carved pumpkins that actually looked like something or someone. His pumpkins had ears, eyebrows, mustaches, and they could truly be scary.

We always thought it was sad when they began to mold and mummify, but there really weren't any tips then about how to preserve them for a longer time. Now there are.

Better Homes & Gardens (BH&G) has 8 tips for maximizing the life of your Jack-O-Lanterns:

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

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