The National Finals Rodeo.  In Florida?  Really?

It seems a little odd that the PRCA would even consider a move like this.  I don't know a whole lot about it, but do know Monte James of The Territorial Rodeo Update and I caught up with him Tuesday.  I asked him to write a few notes on 'his thoughts' concerning the move and he was nice enough to oblige.

Nice to hear from you buddy!!! I miss ya man! Lets grab a beer together sometime soon! Here's my thoughts on the NFR moving ...

First of all its funny, because as a April Fools joke about 5 years ago...we announced that the NFR was moving to "Michael Jackson Stadium - Gary Indiana"! You wouldn't believe the amount of nasty phone calls and emails this generated...(on second thought ..maybe you would!) Lets just say overall response was NOT positive.

Nothing is definitive yet in the proposed move to Orlando. It's my understanding (after talking to the  PRCA Media Office) that the PRCA Board voted 6 to 3 to 'not' accept the Las Vegas Events proposal and to keep the NFR in Vegas. This of course opened it up to other cities such as Orlando.

Its also my understanding that Las Vegas Events (LVE) has 90 days to counter their original proposal. Personally I don't think the NFR is going anywhere ...its just a game of high-stakes poker with some heavy duty bluffing going back and forth.

I personally would have nothing against another city getting a shot at hosting the "Super Bowl of Rodeo" like say Dallas, Oklahoma City, or yes even Orlando.

Rodeo is spreading East...and holding the NFR in Florida might expose this great sport to a whole lot of people that don't appreciate it or understand it.  Right now almost everyone I know goes to the NFR just to party and gamble and maybe take in a performance or two. If it did move to Orlando I believe it would be way more family oriented.

Maybe that's not such a bad thing. I read an article in the Las Vegas Sun that the thugs at Las Vegas Events have  threatened to quote " hold a 10 day event that would replace what we are doing with the NFR". They obviously do not understand rodeo and the fact that they can't buy contestants to come to their 10 day rodeo which they plan on holding during the 10 days of the National Finals.

Gold Buckles and World Championships are on the line and I don't think cowboys and cowgirls can be bought-out like other professional athletes. It is a sublime prestige that goes with being a PRCA World Champion.  I think its a cheap-shot for Las Vegas Events to even propose it.

Well written Monte.

He's right. It would expose the great sport to a more family oriented crowd.  I like his angle on Dallas or Oklahoma City or somewhere more western.  But it is a numbers and dollars game too. Look at the exposure to Mexico and South American we're getting by having bull riding's and rodeos in Mexico City and other places 'south.'  They're trying to go more Global, and I'm not sure that's a bad idea either.

I don't know that I really care. To me, it just seems odd.  Florida doesn't seem like a real rodeo state to me.  Vegas, just drips western.  And Wild!

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