Police didn’t have to go far to find the suspect who started a portable toilet on fire in Downtown Sioux Falls Thursday morning.

Sioux Falls Police Captain Loren McManus says it happened near a business about 1:30 AM in the 300 block of South Main Avenue when police who were patrolling in the area discovered a porta potty on fire in the garage area.

“This particular business has pretty good video surveillance cameras. They were able to see the individual walk into the porta-potty, spend a few minutes, come back out and of course, the porta-potty starts on fire.”

McManus also revealed that police had interactions with the suspect earlier that evening, and was eventually found a few blocks away from the fire. He also had a lighter in his possession when he was arrested.

48-year old Aaron D. Gruenewald who is classified as a transient was arrested for reckless burning and intentional damage to property.


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