The day could be coming where you may have to ask someone to go behind the counter to get you some wasp spray, similar to how we buy sinus medication today.

The latest drug fad showing up in parts of the country is called "wasping" and involves combining wasp killer with meth.

The producer starts by spraying the wasp killer on a wire screen, hooks it up to a battery charger which crystallizes it, then melts it down to be shot into a person's veins.

The final product is called a "hot shot."

While high on the concoction, users will experience what experts refer to as "zombie-like effects" such as hallucinations, paranoia, sweating and convulsing.

The concerning part to law enforcement is that it's relatively cheap on the street (you can buy a bag for about $20) and it gives users a 45-minute, zombie-like high.

For their part, police say there's only so much they can do - officers can't arrest someone for possessing a household substance like bug spray.

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