This was not your average joyride as a man put many lives in peril by his actions in Sioux Falls on Friday morning.

Sioux Falls Police say a man stole a Muth Electric van about 9:30 A.M. from their location on 48th Street North. The stolen vehicle was spotted by officers near 14th and Minnesota Avenue where a traffic stop was initiated. The driver of the stolen vehicle failed to yield to police and no pursuit was initiated at that time.

The driver of the stolen vehicle continued on and the GPS continued to give officers updates of the location of the stolen vehicle. It was believed that the stolen vehicle was going to leave the city limits and this information was forwarded to the South Dakota Highway Patrol. The vehicle left the city limits and was located by the South Dakota Highway Patrol. Lt. Jeff Garden said when the situation got too dangerous police had to act.

"He was initially not to the point where we wanted to engage him in a pursuit. He continued to drive even more recklessly with no regard for anybody."

During the pursuit, speeds approached 70 miles per hour at times and Garden added that this man used any means necessary to avoid capture.

"We had him engaging traffic in the wrong direction, driving on sidewalks, things of that nature. Action had to be taken to stop the vehicle. The Highway Patrol used various maneuvers to stop the vehicle."

Sioux Falls Police and South Dakota Highway Patrol together pursued the stolen vehicle starting near S. Cliff Avenue and I-229 onto I-229 southbound. The stolen vehicle exited I-229 at S. Western Avenue and continued north entering a neighborhood and retail shopping area near W. 41st Street and S. Western Avenue.

At least two South Dakota Highway Patrol cars were damaged during the chase which finally concluded near O’Gorman High School on Kiwanis Avenue. The driver initially resisted arrest and Officers deployed a taser to subdue him. Traffic was blocked off from 37th Street to 33rd Street for a time in order to process the scene.

The driver of the stolen vehicle was 35 year-old David Allen McGhee and faces charges of Aggravated Eluding, Possession of Stolen Vehicle, Grand Theft Auto, Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement, Resisting Arrest and an outstanding US Marshalls Warrant for Grand Theft. McGhee was not an employee of Muth Electric and was booked into the Minnehaha County Jail.