Having lived in the Kingswood Rummage territory for almost my entire life, I feel like I've seen it all. As you venture out to the rummages this weekend (or are selling items), please remember a few tips from those that live in the area.

If the garage is closed, there is no sale - This one is pretty easy, but if the garage door is closed there is no sale. Please do not ring the doorbell asking when the sale will continue. This doesn't happen a whole lot, but I've heard of it happening before.

Please don't use my driveway as a parking lot - I know it's tempting when street parking becomes full, but please don't park in any driveway. Also, please use sidewalks and not my neighbors flower garden. They get a little upset when people walk over it.

Please bring smaller bills - Most sellers will sell small items for just a quarter to a dollar. Giving them a $50 or $100 makes giving change a pain.

Haggling.... - Happens all the time, and that's totally fine. Just don't turn it into a personal shouting match. Also, if the difference of the price is really low is it worth saving a quarter? For larger, more expensive items, I understand. For a children's book that the seller wants 50 cents for, please don't get into a dispute trying to get it to a dime.

For the sellers in the Kingswood Rummage area, a couple of tips for you as well.

Clearly Mark Times - You're open from ____ to _____. Clearly mark that so people know. Also, when you're completely done CLOSE THE GARAGE

Have Change Available - The buyers will now do their part, so please have some change available. Also, what's the sense of charging $3.74 on an item. Just make it $4 and you will make everyone's life easier. That doesn't happen often, but I've seen people do it.

Don't Overprice - Some items are worth a bit more than others, but know the market on the items that are being sold. If something is overpriced, it won't sell and might extend to a few of those shouting matches over the price. Don't undersell yourself, but don't try to sell a $5 item for $30 when I could buy a new one in store for $30.


Smile - This extends to everyone. Have a good time, and don't treat it as the most important event in the history of events. It's a great neighborhood and everyone will have a time to interact with many people around the area. The best advice I can give is for sellers to be courteous and for buyers to have a good time.

Enjoy the sales, the weather, and the neighborhood company!

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