If you're looking to try a new Sioux Falls restaurant with a little extra authentic spice to it, then a new taco joint that has officially opened in the downtown area is definitely the place for you!

The Flying Santo Taco Bar is showcasing "farm to table cuisine" with its menu of delicious northern Mexican flavors. This new establishment is situated in a great location in Downtown Sioux Falls. It's in the Jones421 building on Philips Avenue right across the street from Levitt at The Falls. Restaurant guests can quickly grab mouth-watering, homemade dishes prior to enjoying the sights and sounds of the downtown area.

The individuals responsible for launching the Flying Santo Taco Bar are Abe Castro and his husband Doug Sager. Believe it or not, the couple relocated to Sioux Falls from California just two years ago during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, due to pandemic restrictions, California was on total lockdown. Therefore, the only thing of consequence Abe and Doug were able to do was play golf. They felt isolated, and all they really wanted to do was to get out of the house. Eventually, Abe and Doug not only got out of their house but also out of the state when they discovered the quality of life that Sioux Falls provides!

Originally from northern Mexico near the Arizona border, Abe wanted to bring his cultural tastes to life in the Sioux Empire. The Flying Santo Taco Bar not only offers this opportunity but also a chance to be immersed into the Sioux Falls community. With Abe's sophisticated food palette and Doug's savvy restaurant experience, this dream is now a reality for the couple.

I was able to have a bite or two at this new Mexican hotspot as well as take a sneak peak at the magic behind this truly brilliant business venture! Here’s an exclusive look at the new Flying Santo Taco Bar space and the absolutely fabulous fare waiting for you.

New Flying Santo Taco Bar

You can enjoy this fine Mexican cuisine for breakfast, lunch, or both! Days and hours are as follows:

  • Closed on Mondays. 
  • Tuesday through Friday: 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM (Breakfast), 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Lunch) 
  • Saturday through Sunday: 11 AM to 2 PM (Late Brunch) 


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