It is January in Sioux Falls so the battle has begun! The Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle that is!

This year there are a whopping 27 participating restaurants, which means 27 burgers to choose from! More about all those burgers, here.

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I previously told you about:

And my buddy Jeff Harkness has also been burger battling. You can see some of his reviews, here.

Today, we will be discussing 'Banging 105 Burger' from Swamp Daddy's.

Swamp Daddy's is located in the Jones 421 building in downtown Sioux Falls.

The official description of 'Banging 105 Burger' is, "A patty blend of tender short rib chunks and seasoned ground beef and American wagyu topped with smoked gouda cheese, smoked peppered bacon, collards greens, cornbread battered onion strings, lettuce, tomato, and finally drizzled with creamy red wine demi-glace. Served on a roasted red pepper aioli toasted salt and pepper sesame seed bun and with our hand cut seasoned chips."

This was a first for me, I don't think I've ever had collard greens on a burger. Or maybe ever. I didn’t hate it.

The cornbread battered onion rings got a little lost among all the other toppings. I wonder if those as a side would have been a better option?

This bun has been my favorite so far! Everything bagel seasoning is huge right now and that is kind of what the salt, pepper, sesame seed bun reminded me of. It was delicious.

Last year, Swamp Daddy's side was pork rinds, which aren't my favorite, but I gave them credit for trying something different. This year, they went with hand-cut, seasoned chips and it was a huge upgrade. So good.

Six down, 21 to go!

Tour of the 2022 Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle

The 9th Annual Downtown Burger Battle begins January 1, 2022 and runs through the entire month.

This year there are 27 participating restaurants. I hope you have some stretchy pants!

If you've never participated in the Downtown Burger Battle, this is how it works:

  1. Review the participating restaurants and their burgers
  2. Make sure you check their schedule and hours before you go
  3. Go to one of the restaurants
  4. Eat the burger
  5. Use the DTSF Digital Passport to vote and rate the burger
  6. Repeat 26 more times
  7. And you could win prizes
  8. And you help one downtown restaurant win the Burger Battle and reign supreme for one whole year!
Voting criteria consist of patty, creativity, toppings, bun, and customer service.




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