It actually happened, Sioux Falls went back in time, well sort of. For 90 minutes on Tuesday afternoon at Friendly's Fuel Stop in north Sioux Falls, it was January 2021. That's the last time gas prices in the Sioux Falls area had been around $2.38 per gallon.

Over 100 cars lined up at the gas station and waited for hours just to get some of that "cheap" fuel. The line wrapped around the gas station and snaked all the way down Potsdam Avenue.

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Americans For Prosperity hosted this gas station takeover and lowered the price down to the same level as it was on the day the current president Joe Biden took office. The organization hosts these gas promotions throughout the US to raise awareness of how government economic policies directly affect inflation and the cost of living for Americans.

I have to say it was a bit surreal seeing the "$2.38" on the sign and gas pumps. It made me feel bad for taking $2.38 cent gas for granted when we had it and made me wonder if we will ever see that low price in Sioux Falls again. Let's hope so.

Sioux Falls $2.38 Gas Event


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