Given the scorching hot temps predicted for all this week here in the Sioux Empire, you might be tempted to take the advice that music rapper Nelly gave us back in 2002 with his song "Hot in Here."

You remember that jam, right? "It's gettin' hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes. Ohh, I am gettin' so hot, I wanna take my clothes off!"

If there was ever a week to shed your clothes and let it all hang out (if you're into that type of thing, mind you), this is lining up to be that week.

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With that said, I did a little investigative research to see if there are any nudist colonies or nude campgrounds somewhat close to Sioux Falls.

If you are really hoping to bare it all soon, you're in luck. I found three different places that are all within driving distance of Sioux Falls.

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The first place is located right here in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

It's called Black Hills Bares.

This nudist recreation area bills itself as a discreet place for like-minded nudists dedicated to the nudist lifestyle to gather and let it all hang out!

Evidently, they've been enjoying the beauty of their bodies, along with the scenic beauty of the Black Hills since, 2008.

Black Hills Bares is a place that boasts year-round fun. However, living here in South Dakota, I would imagine it's probably more enjoyable to bare it all during the summer months compared to, say, December, January, and February. Those of us who are familiar with the weather in South Dakota know all too well that those three months give a whole new meaning to the phrase "a bit nipply out!"

Black Hills Bares has a rather strict set of rules and guidelines. Members and guests must subscribe to a core set of principles, which are repeated on every membership card they provide.

The Black Hills Bares is also affiliated with the national American Association for Nude Recreation as a fully Chartered Club.

According to their website, the Black Hills Bares folks are currently looking for a new, or should I say nude, location to hang out. Keep checking their website for that nude location coming soon. 

If you're a nudist planning a trip to Minnesota soon, you should know there's a nudist community just 30 minutes north of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It's called Avatan.

Avatan is a nudist campground featuring a large pool, hot tub, sauna, volleyball courts, clubhouse, and lush, spacious grounds that are perfect for a quick day trip or overnight stays in an RV, tent, or one of their cabins.

Get a load of their slogan, "Avatan...Get a Whole Nude Attitude!" You gotta love it!

Much like Black Hills Bares, the gang affiliated with Avatan has a rather strict set of rules/guidelines and requires a background check for every visitor and guest. Their website also says they're not accepting "single males" at this time.

The last place on our nudist vacation destination list that is close to Sioux Falls is a campground that Orbitz back in 2018 billed as one of the best places to vacation naked in all 50 states. It's called Two Creeks Campground.

Two Creeks is a private, 100-acre, totally secluded property for adults (single and married) over the age of 21. Located 90 minutes northeast of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Two Creeks is tucked in between two state forests. They bill themselves as a "clothing optional campground." They are open to members and guests from May 1st through mid-October. If you try and camp beyond that, you'll be getting frost on your pumpkins, if you know what I mean?

I guess when you think about it, there are a couple of advantages to nude camping beyond just the scenery. You can eliminate your tan lines, and it is much easier to spot wood ticks.

Just be careful cooking over an open campfire! Hot bacon grease and bare booties typically don't go well together.

Source: Black Hills Bares/ Avatan/ Two Creeks Campground


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